Mindtribe is Moving to San Francisco!

by Steve Myers

MindTribe is excited to announce that as of October, our new home will be 25 Kearny St, Suite 200, in downtown San Francisco! Why the move? The lease for our office in downtown Palo Alto expired this year and a move was triggered by a number of factors. For one, MindTribe has been doing engineering and product development in a non-traditional way over the past year, requiring a high degree of collaboration amongst our team, our clients, and partners. Whether it be working alongside one another pair engineering, or having a client or partner work alongside us in our office, or a place to have informal stand-up meetings within our workspace, our current office layout was inflexible and did not support the degree of collaboration we require. Though we’ll be farther from some clients, partners and friends in San Francisco, our product development method requires working closely and iteratively with industrial design and user experience firms. Many of these firms reside within San Francisco, so a close proximity to them will continue to strengthen those relationships and provide the most effective teams for our clients. We’ll also be more centrally located within the Bay Area to access a broader base of people to build our team from the population centers of San Francisco, Marin, and the East Bay. Being close to public transportation—whether it be from the Peninsula, East Bay, or within San Francisco—was a top priority, and drove our choice to be located near Market Street for BART and Muni access, and close to the 3rd and 4th Street corridors to provide convenient access to Caltrain. As for the office itself, we chose an open plan to support collaboration and to use the space as flexibly as possible. For example, we are building a community centered around a better way to do product development and engineering, hosting speakers and other events in the evenings. We needed a space flexible enough to support building this community through a variety of interactions in our space with clients, partners, and friends. We’re excited about our new location and hope to see you there soon!