Steve Myers
CEO & Founder

With a mechanical and electrical engineering background, Steve leads Mindtribe and client programs with the goal of advancing the way innovative technology products are developed to be more impactful for both users and businesses.

Since founding Mindtribe in 1998, Steve has engaged in all aspects of client programs in the consumer, industrial, medical, and automotive industries, both as an engineer and team leader.

Outside of the product development world, you might find Steve riding his mountain bike long distances, mountain unicycling, restoring and rallying old British sports cars, or honing his performance driving capabilities on the West Coast’s world-class tracks.

MS Mechanical Engineering – Stanford UniversityBS Mechanical Engineering – Cal Poly San Luis Obispo

Mark Olson
Vice President

Mark has been creating successful products for over 20 years, leading projects from the earliest user research and business strategy stages through detailed engineering and mass production.

At Mindtribe, he leads client programs of all sizes and types, including recent projects in wearable devices, mobile medical technology, and consumer electronics. On the weekends, Mark enjoys exploring California with his wife and three children, and attending many youth sports events and music performances.

MS Mechanical Engineering – Stanford UniversityBS Mechanical Engineering – University of Minnesota 

Sam Kang
Vice President

Sam leads programs at Mindtribe by leveraging his technical and business backgrounds. Trained as an engineer, Sam has solved some of our toughest engineering problems, but he also holds an MBA and spent time as a management consultant at Bain & Company.

Sam has led highly successful development efforts for many of Mindtribe’s clients. This includes a major subsystem for the Tesla Roadster when they were a 40-person start-up, as well as the wildly successful Flip Mino camera and the original Jawbone Bluetooth headset. Most recently, he helped lead the engineering and manufacturing for the Adobe Ink stylus.

In his free time, Sam enjoys trying new restaurants and events in the Bay Area, as well as exploring different countries.

MBA – UCLA Anderson School of ManagementMS Mechanical Engineering – Stanford UniversityBS Mechanical Engineering – Stanford University

Adam Rothschild
Technical Director

Adam has 15 years of experience designing electronics for embedded hardware products. He leads our electrical engineering team with an agile, user-centric mindset and a never-ceasing push for excellence. Adam built the Mindtribe EE team workflow on the basis of frequent peer review and pair development.

At Mindtribe, Adam has designed dozens of embedded hardware products for consumer, medical, and commercial applications. He led the early development of Google & Levi’s touch-sensitive Jacquard jacket and designed Square’s first encrypted card reader, taking it from a whiteboard sketch to producing millions. He’s designed analog front ends and filters, extreme low-power circuits, production test fixtures, and HDI boards. He’s brought up production lines in Asia and Mexico.

Adam’s passions outside of engineering include drumming and singing with his band, sailboat racing with his wife, playing with his sons, cooking bacon, running, playing the piano, and skiing moguls.

MS Mechanical Engineering  – Stanford UniversityBA Physics – Wittenberg University

Greg Schulte
Director of Engineering

Greg has been leading mechanical and system product development efforts for over 12 years, especially in medical and other devices involving human interaction. He brings his own expertise running a consulting firm and co-founding several successful start-ups.

Greg authored and illustrated an award-winning children’s book this year, inspired by his new daughter. He loves cooking, spending time outdoors with the family, and combining these activities whenever possible. BS Mechanical Engineering – University of Michigan

Tom Hsiu
Director- Program Operations

With a background as an engineer, entrepreneur and product developer, Tom brings a wealth of product innovation experience to Mindtribe. As Director of Program Operations, Tom supports the management of client programs as well as the implementation of our development methodologies.

Tom has played many roles at Mindtribe, from engineering implementation to program management and business development. His energy and enthusiasm are focused on making new and better things a reality, whether it be a client’s product or Mindtribe’s approach to product development. He has variously supported or helped lead projects ranging from the Flip video camera to Adobe’s Ink stylus. Outside of Mindtribe, Tom spends his time being schooled in Minecraft by his kids and tackling ill-advised home improvement projects. He remains fond of solar-powered race cars and animatronic creatures.

MS Mechanical Engineering – Stanford UniversityBS Mechanical Engineering and Product Design – Stanford University 

Alison Thurber
Engineering Manager

With a lifelong curiosity for electronics, becoming an Electrical Engineer was a natural step for Alison. While pursuing her MS EE she found an additional passion in the black magic of RF and has made the shift from retrofitting radars to designing low power mobile devices.

Hailing from Washington, DC, Alison is excited to make the jump to the West Coast to join Mindtribe.

In her spare time Alison enjoys exploring her new city, running, playing tennis, and doing canine agility with her dog.

MS Electrical Engineering – George Mason UniversityBS Electrical Engineering – George Mason University

Mike Ho
Engineering Manager

A salty Mindtribe veteran, Mike has experience across nearly every axis of our trade, from mechanical design to PCB layout to writing code. He has dived deepest in firmware and software, having programmed on bare metal, embedded Linux, smartphones, and just about everything in-between.

Whether it’s a prototype or high-volume product, designed to go into a pocket or car or human body, there’s a good chance Mike’s worked on something like that here. Notably, as firmware lead on Square’s mobile card reader, he wrote the majority of the code that runs on the device and also supported the ramp to mass production. Mike often serves as Mindtribe’s de facto editor-in-chief, defending our written words against the dark tides of typoes and strange grammars. Mike’s favorite pastime is going on adventures. In fact, he wouldn’t even mind a long-haul economy flight with poor movie options, so long as there were a proper adventure or a delicious pizza waiting on the other side. He also loves pizza.

MS Mechanical Engineering  – Stanford UniversityBS Mechanical Engineering – UC Berkeley 

Sravan Mettupalli
Engineering Manager

Sravan is a software engineer who traverses the entire stack of hardware development with ease.

Most recently, he has been working on an IoT Embedded Linux device that requires him to take on everything from low-level assembly code on a coprocessor, to Linux device drivers, and all the way up to remote device management.

In his free time, you can find him either riding or working on bikes.

BS Computer Engineering – University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Charlie Ambler
Senior Engineer

Coming soon.

Robert Dowling
Senior Engineer

Robert is a software engineer who dances on the border between software and hardware, always looking for the bigger picture and the new ideas that will make development easier. Frameworks, tools, algorithms and real data all attract his attention. No stranger to Agile/Lean methodologies, Robert thrives on iterative, collaborative development and planning.

Robert’s previous work includes architecting embedded Linux solutions in the cost-conscious marketplace of high volume consumer electronics, DSP development tools, reconfigurable computing and graphics acceleration.

Armchair mathematician, Robert takes long walks with his family and thinks about the complex plane, and how to teach the complex plane to his kids, or at least get them to juggle.

BA Mathematics – UC Berkeley

Sami Shad
Senior Engineer

Sami is an engineer with a knack for bringing designs into reality. Though his formal training is in mechanical engineering, he also likes to dabble in electronics and firmware to add smarts to his work.

Sami has been working hard on turbocharging the ME processes at Mindtribe. By working closely with local vendors and bringing clear focus to projects, he’s been able to build prototypes faster than anyone thought possible. Sami sates his interdisciplinary hunger by sometimes switching hats, recently designing PCB’s to help out the EE team. In his spare time, Sami enjoys reading, playing cricket, hiking, or looking at the world through a camera viewfinder. He also likes visiting new places and recently added camping in Humboldt Redwood State Park to his list of memorable experiences.

MS Mechanical Engineering – Stanford University BS Mechanical Engineering – Stanford University

Timothy Van Ruitenbeek
Senior Engineer

With a foundation in every one of our engineering disciplines, Timothy is an incredibly efficient engineer. Able to design electrical systems, mechanical systems, and software with strong and roughly equal proficiency, he is able to iterate solutions very rapidly in his head as he works.

Timothy thrives on challenging projects and recently had his hands in reverse-engineering the touchscreen scan pattern for a tablet that used both time-division multiplexing and wave superposition. This knowledge proved useful in evaluating and improving the performance of several potential active stylus tip designs. Outside of work, Timothy is an avid Formula 1 and sim-racing fan, often staying up late at night perfecting his home workstation and racing lines, growing vegetables on his balcony, or playing with his cats.

MS Electrical Engineering – University of Texas at AustinBS Mechanical Engineering – University of Texas at Austin 

Ben Ridder

Ben is an engineer driven to learn as much as possible, not just within his focus of embedded software, but from everything and everyone around him.  He loves shipping products and seeing things he's worked on out in the wild.

Prior to Mindtribe, Ben worked on embedded software for payment peripherals to enable small merchants to take credit cards. Before that, he developed iOS applications for a variety of companies, including news organizations and children’s TV networks.  

After work, Ben can be found playing bass in different projects in an eclectic mix of genres from loud fuzzy rock to swing jazz.

BASc Computer Engineering – University of Waterloo

Brian Cherbak

Brian is an electrical engineer who enjoys solving the problems that exist at the intersection of engineering and design. He takes a particular interest in the health of his team and relationships with his teammates.

He does his best work when it involves high-touch prototyping, often taking the time to lead dress even the scrappiest of prototypes. One of his favorite projects was a works-like prototype that involved retrofitting an existing product with a quick-and-dirty Bluetooth LE + iPhone app solution. The consequences of cannibalizing existing electrical hardware meant some clever workarounds and more custom hardware than expected, but made the satisfaction of the final integrated product so much greater. If you’re looking for Brian outside the office, first check all the local surf spot parking lots, then see if he took his tent with him.

BS Electrical Engineering — Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology

Kerry Scharfglass

Kerry is a software engineer of many stripes. From robotics to Unix system software to Android apps, he has played with many layers of the stack at one time or another. Some of these things have led him to pick up some knowledge of electrical and mechanical systems, which is growing every day. He enjoys opportunities which force him to move quickly to grow new skill sets, especially when they mix disciplines.

A penchant for consumer electronics has driven Kerry to begin thinking about products and the process of bringing one to life. After plans to go to grad school morphed into an opportunity to work on new products at Amazon, he wrote software that powered the Amazon Echo. Now he is looking forward to building beautiful devices that people can’t put down.

If Kerry is late to the office, look for him at his desk trying to fix just one more bug. You can also find him headphones-in and reading a sci-fi novel on the train, taking candid photos of people on their way to work, or obsessing over which phone to take to work that day.

BS Computer Engineering – Cal Poly San Luis Obispo

Kyle Tucker

Kyle comes from the startup world and is no stranger to taking on challenges outside of his expertise. Previously working for an awesome startup in the HD Field Monitor industry he took on many roles ranging from product design engineer, industrial designer, and project manager.

During his time at Mindtribe Kyle has worked on many things including medical devices, consumer electronics, cameras, and robotics to name a few. He has a lot of experience designing parts for injection molding, both simple and complex. Kyle can help you define your product needs, and then help you achieve them.

In his spare time Kyle enjoys playing guitar, and working on cars and motorcycles. He also enjoys hiking and camping.

BS Mechanical Engineering Technology – The University of North Carolina at Charlotte

Jason Gonzalez

Jason became a mechanical engineer to take great ideas from sketches to physical products. Along the way, he has also picked up knowledge in circuit design and programming while honing his prototyping skills.

Mindtribe is the perfect place for him to exercise his engineering muscles while making world-changing products. His previous work experience has ranged from machining microfluidic devices to making airplane wings out of fiberglass and carbon fiber. Outside of the mechanical lab, Jason enjoys hiking, trying new foods, and going to every sporting event his wallet will allow. He hopes to start training for a pilot license soon.

MS Mechanical Engineering – Stanford UniversityBS Mechanical Engineering – Stanford University 

Michael Choi

Equipped with a formidable arsenal of rapid (and not-so-rapid) prototyping techniques, Michael is never far from a machine shop or tool-cluttered workbench when tackling a mechanical design challenge. After fixing (and breaking) giant cockroach robots at the GRASP Laboratory at UPenn, and inventing toys at IDEO, Michael has learned how to communicate with engineers and designers via a colorful language of prototypes.

Michael is developing his skill set at Mindtribe to maneuver the perpetual need to articulate design through prototyping, whether that’s discovering new ways to add extra polish to a 3-D printed model or streamlining the rapid prototyping process. In particular, Michael is learning how functional prototypes become manufacturable designs while working on a new interactive robotic toy. Outside of Mindtribe, Michael spends his time crafting meticulous bento boxes each morning, modifying gaming consoles, appreciating Japanese Jazz Fusion, and finding new ways to make life easier through prototyping hacks.

BS Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics – University of Pennsylvania

Michelle Warner

As a member of the Ink and Slide project, Michelle took part in bringing a product from final design to full scale manufacturing. Working with teams at Ammunition and Adobe, she played a key role in creating an amazing product through truly collaborative design. Outside of work Michelle enjoys tennis, hiking, and sewing with electronics.

From a young age, Michelle wanted to be an “inventor”. As a Mechanical Engineer at Mindtribe she gets to live that dream everyday as she works as part of the team to turn client concepts into reality.

As part of Mindtribe’s team, she had the chance to experience taking a product from final design to full scale manufacturing as part of project “Ink and Slide”. This project gave Michelle the chance to experience what truly collaborative design looks like and a good feeling for how challenging manufacturing can be.

Outside of work, Michelle loves to spend time designing and sewing clothing (with or without electronic components). Her current projects include, refining the firmware for her LED light-up dress and designing a line of fashionable clothes for the chronically cold professional.

MS Mechanical Engineering – Stanford UniversityBS Mechanical Engineering – Stanford University

Sam Evans

Sam started his electrical engineering career in the bio-medical field, working for one of the biggest life science and clinical diagnostic corporations in the world. Sam was a hardware designer for their next generation Droplet Digital Polymerase Chain Reaction (ddPCR) instruments. He designed, tested, and implemented printed circuit boards in a fast-paced R&D environment.

At Mindtribe, Sam is working on the development and implementation of the team’s internal projects and initiatives.

In his free time, Sam enjoys outdoor activities, including hiking, biking, and camping. He also loves playing competitive card or board games with his wife, family, and friends. Also near and dear to Sam’s heart are his two cats, Luke and Leia.

BS Electrical Engineering – Loyola Marymount University


Yoo-Yoo Yeh

Yoo-Yoo's main background is in electrical engineering, but over the course of her career thus far, she's worn firmware, software, data analysis, and mechanical design hats. She finds integration between disciplines into a final working product very satisfying.

Prior to working at MindTribe, Yoo-Yoo assembled and instrumented small UAVs, rovers, and a mid-sized solar array for controls research at NASA Ames/Carnegie Mellon Silicon Valley. She also dabbled in musical interface design through the CCRMA program at Stanford University, and created The Go Game’s first electronic puzzle box. Outside of electronics work, Yoo-Yoo enjoys volunteering in the community, kite-flying, and trying to write music.

MS Electrical Engineering – Stanford UniversityBS Electrical Engineering – Stanford University 

Andrew Kriebel
Associate Engineer

With a background in mechanical engineering and product design, Andrew is passionate about designing and developing products that enrich lives and excite users. He particularly enjoys finding quick and inventive ways to prototype products and experiences.  

Before arriving at Mindtribe, Andrew worked on designing consumer electronics products, engineering medical devices, prototyping future technology experiences, and researching product design while studying at MIT. One of his favorite personal projects was building a pair of Internet connected pen-plotters for an art exhibit.

With any spare time, you can find Andrew backpacking through the woods, fly-fishing in a mountain stream, exploring somewhere new, tinkering with gadgets, or building something in the shop.

MS Mechanical Engineering – Massachusetts Institute of Technology   BS Mechanical Engineering – Pennsylvania State University


Ethan Chiou
Associate Engineer

As a recent graduate at UC Berkeley, Ethan earned his degree in Electrical Engineering & Computer Science. He has dabbled in many aspects of new product development. His current adventure is in the field of embedded software, and he is excited to be working at Mindtribe.

Ethan’s background comes largely from his coursework and research endeavors, which taught him not only about the interactive device design process and related hardware & software tools, but also how to think critically about design and to push what is possible.

In his free time, Ethan likes to make & drink coffee, play board games, and go camping.

BS Electrical Engineering & Computer Science – UC Berkeley

Freddie Temperton
Associate Engineer

From starting with soldering hobby kits from the age of 8, Freddie's fascination with electronic hardware has never stopped. Being happiest with a soldering iron in his hand has lead to the creation of many projects with some being more successful than others. Whenever purchasing a new gadget it will always be in bits before being turned on, a philosophy that has taught him how lots of consumer devices actually work.

Whilst at University in the UK Freddie worked on many projects in fields from aerospace communications to test equipment which led to starting a small company with his peers. This has produced products such as OSCAR – an adapter to create a small, high-resolution external display that has shipped to over 15 countries.

Outside of work, Freddie is often prototyping hardware for the latest mad invention, exploring California or setting up firework shows.

MEng Electronic Engineering – University of Southampton, UK

Justin Yeh
Associate Engineer

With a background in mechanical engineering, Justin believes product development is the place where he can design and create meaningful projects every day. He takes special interest in the burgeoning field of rapid prototyping.

Prior to joining Mindtribe, Justin worked on a variety projects in places ranging from a naval base in southern California to D.C.’s Capitol Hill. He hopes to develop his skill set at Mindtribe to aid others in building successful products that better the world.

Outside of Mindtribe, Justin greatly enjoys camping, playing music, ultimate Frisbee, basketball, board games, and food. He can usually be found in constant search of mind-blowing restaurants wherever he goes.

BS Mechanical Engineering –  Cornell University

Lucas Bruder
Associate Engineer

Lucas has always been curious about the inner-workings of consumer electronics. After taking his first programming class in high school, he became hooked and went on to Carnegie Mellon University to receive a degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering. To this day, he enjoys building embedded and mechatronic systems that interact with users in elegant and intuitive ways.

Before coming to Mindtribe, Lucas has had experience in several personal projects including a cube made from LED matrix panels and a mechatronic robotic dog that won the Builder’s Choice Award at the CMU Build18 hackathon. He has had several internships including one at Tesla Motors where he developed firmware for the body controllers on the Model X. At Mindtribe, he looks forward to applying the Mindtribe Engineering Process to build the best products imaginable.

In his free time, you can find Lucas working on a personal project or finding an excuse to use his 3d printer. When not working on a personal project, he is probably listening to music and soaking up the warm California sun with friends.

BS Electrical and Computer Engineering – Carnegie Mellon University

Monica Caravias
Associate Engineer

The magic of transforming an abstract concept into a physical product drew Monica into the field of Mechanical Engineering, and a passion for creating objects with her hands kept her there. At school, she focused on design and manufacturing, with particular emphasis on early stage product development.

Previously, Monica worked as a teaching assistant at Stanford’s student machine shop, a position which fed an insatiable bug to create things with her hands. She spent countless hours designing and building projects as diverse as a steel road bike frame to a cantilevered armchair. She considers herself lucky to continue to work in an environment that enables her to tinker in a maker space.

When Monica isn’t at work, she’s probably trying to build unnecessary apartment decor. She also enjoys running, sci fi, and shopping for houseplants to replace the ones she’s probably in the process of killing.

MS Mechanical Engineering—Stanford UniversityBS Mechanical Engineering—Stanford University

Patrick McCabe
Associate Engineer

Ever since he built his first robot at the age of 14, Patrick has been hooked on creating embedded systems. While being formally educated in electrical engineering and computer science, he also has a passion for rapidly prototyping mechanical systems.

Before joining Mindtribe, Patrick designed a ground support system for the post-landing operations of the Falcon 9 rocket at SpaceX. He also worked as a freelancer to design, build, and program an iOS controlled lamp dimmer.

When he isn’t designing products, you can find Patrick enjoying a moment of Zen in the park or learning to play his guitar. 

BS Electrical Engineering and Computer Science – Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Amy Kwan
Engineering Program Manager

As an Engineering Program Manager, Amy supports client programs and internal project teams. With a background in mechanical engineering and business, Amy is able to leverage both disciplines to ensure successful product delivery.

At Mindtribe, Amy has worked on several large client programs; working to understand client and user needs to help bring products to life. Prior to Mindtribe, Amy was a mechanical engineer for an aerospace & defense company, where she helped deliver flight hardware. Over time, she became involved with R&D management and became passionate about encouraging intrapreneurship. After almost a decade in aerospace & defense, Amy began broadening her experience in industries such as edtech, wearable tech, health SaaS, and e-commerce. With her hybrid background, she was able to work with various early-stage tech startups on their business and product strategies.

In her spare time, Amy enjoys trying new recipes, hiking, and getting lost in new cities.

MBA – Columbia Business School MS Mechanical Engineering – Stanford University     BS Mechanical Engineering – UCLA

Andrew Berberick
Engineering Program Manager

With a focus in embedded software engineering and an educational background in biomechanical engineering and product design, Andrew’s career journey has been a circuitous one.

He has worked within both extremes of the Silicon Valley tech culture as an early Mechanical Engineer at a Bay Area smart lock start-up and as a Product Design Engineer for Google.

Within Mindtribe, Andrew has amalgamated his passions for human-centered design and engineering, in particular, by developing the embedded software for touch, motion, and gesture-interactive textiles.

In his spare time, Andrew enjoys composing and performing music, running, backpacking, painting, and writing about crazy ideas. Andrew’s mission is to leverage this anomalous combination of passions and experiences to inspire others towards engineering and science.

MS  Mechanical Engineering – Stanford University BS  Biomechanical Engineering – Stanford University

Rosemary Chang
Engineering Program Manager

As an Engineering Program Manager, Rosemary supports the management of client programs and internal project teams. Leveraging her technical and business background, she partners with clients to ensure timely delivery of the right value on each engagement.

Rosemary has over 10 years of experience in successfully delivering high volume consumer electronics. Prior to joining Mindtribe, she has held roles in both product management and product development, which gave her a comprehensive perspective of bringing a product to market including areas such as early product strategy, user research, detailed engineering, mass production, and retail launch. She has a passion for user-centric consumer products and enjoys seeing them come to life.

Outside of work, Rosemary enjoys traveling to see new places, snowboarding, scuba diving and swing dancing.

MBA – UCLA Anderson School of Management BS Mechanical Engineering – University of California, San Diego

Ryan Vanderpol
Senior Engineering Technician

If it needs to be prototyped – Ryan can make it. A self-taught machinist who has gone through the steps of starting his own hardware business, he has professional experience in machining, injection molding, welding, concrete, woodwork, and a host of other techniques and media.

When a Mindtribe client’s prototype needed some precision silicone parts, a few days later Ryan had quality parts coming out of molds made in-house.  Rather than spend excess time and expense getting a 3rd party to design and fabricate something demanding high tolerances, he’d rather spend an afternoon behind a CNC mill and do it himself.

Ryan’s varied personal interests compliment his varied skills.  When not at work, he rows whaleboats on the Bay, teaches classes at TechShop, plays catch next to Lake Merritt with his fiancée, and builds (and rides) funky bicycles. 

BA Applied Mathematics – UC Berkeley

Joe O'Brien
Project Analyst

Joe's career includes cooperating closely with project managers and executives in planning and developing analytical methods for forecasting, budgeting, data collection, and statistical analysis. He is skilled at leading presentations and supplying reliable data in an easy to digest format to give management the tools they need to make informed decisions. He led the design, research, and development of an interactive planning model for executive planning and regional strategy implementation at the Capital Insurance Group. Joe has an entrepreneurial spirit. In high school, he founded and maintained a profitable diving business cleaning boats in Morro Bay harbor, aptly named Joe Below.

At Mindtribe, Joe focuses on analyzing project work and ensuring there is continuous process improvement. He assists project leaders with project structure and logistics, including tracking budget and expenses, scheduling team and client feedback sessions, and supporting project leaders in other ad-hoc efforts across multiple projects. He helps in supporting project and company success by providing clear and accurate visibility into the financial performance of our numerous projects. Joe is working on new tools to improve this visibility and further efforts to forecast financial performance. 

When not at Mindtribe, Joe enjoys delving into the latest sports analytics, hiking, biking, going to the park or beach, and trying to soak up as much sun as his Irish skin will allow.

BA Economics and Mathematics – University of California, Santa Barbara

Ashley Burrow
Operations Manager

Ashley manages Mindtribe's internal operations.

From HR-oriented functions like recruiting, onboarding, and training, to infrastructure needs like office space and IT, Ashley designs, leads, and manages the systems needed to deliver the results we do for our clients. Combining her experience and insight with a holistic view across all of Mindtribe, Ashley’s work has become the backbone of a healthy, growing, highly functional team.

Outside of work, Ashley is a trained pastry chef and avid traveler.

BS Psychology – San Francisco State University

Brittany Morrell
Marketing Communications Coordinator

With a background in marketing and professional communications, Brittany provides a dynamic perspective to Mindtribe.

She has previous experience working for small startups and major firms, providing both technical and creative support to clients and executives. At Mindtribe, Brittany is responsible for managing the team’s marketing content and collateral – owning all aspects of Mindtribe’s brand.

Outside of the office, Brittany dedicates her time to coaching girls basketball, running half marathons, and exploring new scenic locations.

BA Communications – California State University, East Bay

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