The Request

Jawbone had created a wired mobile phone headset with great noise canceling technology, but the industry was rapidly moving to wireless headsets. Jawbone approached Mindtribe to support a much needed upgrade: a Bluetooth version that would set a new standard and establish Jawbone as a leader in an increasingly wireless world.

The Work

Mindtribe worked closely with Jawbone’s industrial design team, fuseproject, and Asia-based manufacturing partner. Known for visionary designs and the highest aesthetic standards, fuseproject’s concepts for the industrial design were closer to jewelry than a consumer electronics product. Mindtribe rose to the challenge by performing mechanical engineering and design-for-manufacturability (DFM) to ensure the vision was realized. This included the design of very small mechanisms and flexible components to create best-in-class size and fit. Designs were prototyped and tested using 3D printing, urethane casting, and machining, as well as finite element analysis. Mindtribe also worked closely with Jawbone’s R&D team to ensure that the hardware systems enabled their signal processing algorithms. Mindtribe oversaw the testing and manufacturing ramp of the device, resolving issues related to manufacturability, fit and finish, and product packaging.

The Outcome

By combining their military-grade noise cancellation technology with state of the art Bluetooth capability and a striking industrial design, Jawbone changed the landscape of mobile phone headsets. The product won numerous awards, earned a spot in the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, and put Jawbone on the map as a leader in consumer electronics.