An Adventure in Ring Making!

In trying to imbue a ring with value worthy of the lovely lady I planned to give it to, I had to dive deep to determine what I valued. I knew it wasn’t money, and I was a little turned off by jewelry. So after much deliberation and many long rides (I do my best thinking 3 hours into a 5 hour road ride), I ultimately realized that I value experience. To maximize the experience of this ring, I knew that, as much as possible, I’d have to make it with my own two hands.

OK, now what? I really didn’t know a thing about jewelry making, but with a “can do” attitude and the hubris of an engineer, I jumped right in. As you can imagine, my first attempt really didn’t work out. I made half-rings and silver mutants but only ONE ring out of 10 or so tries.

After a break to gather my thoughts, I needed to get serious. I found Practical Casting: A Studio Reference by Tim McCreight (highly recommended!) and tapped the incredible network of folks in the Bay Area. In the end it was quite an adventure, and the finished rings were priceless. Only successful with much help from friends and the crew at MindTribe. Special thanks to Tom Hsiu (MindTribe project manager extraordinaire) and Sara Shaughnessy of RedStart Design.

Here are a few pictures from the journey:

IMG_4101 IMG_4138 IMG_4152 IMG_4155 IMG_4164

To anyone wishing to try this themselves, I highly recommend it. It’s truly a priceless experience.