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Engineers: We’re Growing, Are You?

Mindtribe’s been busy. After twelve years of developing technology products the way most everyone does, and finally convincing ourselves of the inherent flaws with that approach, we’ve been hard at work with a way to develop successful, innovative technology products more effectively.

This has been a lot of work. It’s easy to come up with engineering and product development approaches that sound good. Achieving results with actual teams and products is much more difficult.

As we’ve been validating and evolving our method the past couple of years, we’ve been more focused on proving out our core approach than growing our team, to ensure our team is aligned with the approach that has emerged and so we’re confident we’re adding the right people going forward.

I’m happy to report that we’re ready to grow. Our team is aligned. We’ve validated our core approach. We’re working with clients in close partnerships to build successful, innovative technology products together. We’re achieving desired results. It’s time to grow.

Now we need more of our most important ingredient–the right people.

Who are we seeking? 

We’re seeking engineers who can both be good engineers and effective engineers. We’re seeking people who can do both, and who are engaged by challenging themselves to get better at both, growing as engineers in the process.

This is important so I’ll say it again: good engineers and effective engineers.

What’s the difference? Good engineers possess the technical knowledge to develop solutions for technical challenges. Effective engineers are able to do the engineering work they do in such a way as to maximize the value of that work to help their team reach a goal. Most opportunities for engineers provide the ability to foster one or the other, but not both.

Are we right for you?  

Mindtribe provides a unique opportunity for the right type of person. In addition to the opportunity to build both engineering capability and effectiveness, as a consulting firm, we face a continual variety of challenges across different teams, industries, and products. Though challenging, this accelerates learning and gives us a chance to rapidly iterate our approach. As an outside firm we’re often held more accountable to deliver results than internal teams. Furthermore, since we’re positioned as leaders for our clients, each of us is automatically in a position of leadership (which is often not the case for engineers on internal teams).

Here are some specific qualities we seek, and that are reflected throughout our team. You might enjoy being part of a tight-knit team of like-minded people if you are:

  • good at what you do
  • work hard
  • aligned with Mindtribe’s method
  • naturally collaborative
  • able to drive forward progress
  • able to get the most out of people around you
  • engaged by personal projects as outlets for your passion for engineering and making

We’re currently looking to expand our team with electrical, firmware, and mechanical engineers. Please have a look at our job posts. We’d love to hear from you if you’re interested in growing with us.