Illustration by Dan Matutina

Why Creative Engineering is Key to Innovation

As a company, Mindtribe strives to work on a large number of interesting projects. Structurally, many of these projects require similar paths, which is where our methods help to drive success. Technically, our engineers need to have a wide technical base to be able to support the creativity of our clients. This drive for a diversity of technical understanding leads us to spend our time between projects exploring the unfamiliar areas of our fields so that we are able to offer the best solutions to our customers’ problems. Beyond Michelle’s wonderful post on the varied aspects of 3D printing, other members of the team have also prepared themselves for the future by experimenting with unfamiliar technologies. As sensors become smaller and computation requires less power, devices will become more and more reliant on wireless communication. Many devices today use a Bluetooth connection to allow the computational and communication capabilities of our phones to unlock the power of the sensors. However Bluetooth, both Classic and LE, is not the right solution for all wireless problems. As a prime example, Chasen has used time between projects to gain an understanding of wireless solutions beyond Bluetooth. Using development kits that demonstrate the functionality of the GSM cell network and setting up an XBee network, he has been able to give Mindtribe a broader understanding of wireless solutions. While we do not know exactly what problems our future clients will have, this knowledge will allow us to more effectively tackle whatever may come.

Even if GSM, XBee, or 3D printers capable of printing large houses are never used in our products, they can serve as inspirations for a better set of ideas for our customers. As we often have to use creative solutions to overcome technical limitations to achieve the final product functionality, making sure we dedicate time to unfamiliar and interesting technical investigations is a key part of what allows us to keep tackling interesting problems. So, when there is downtime, find something interesting to build or take apart!