Odds & Ends

Mindtribe Shifts Gears

Mindtribe has opened  

A new division focused  

On delivering…  


…The very finest

Quality poetry to

Strengthen your products.


We have shifted gears.

Doing less engineering

And more poetry!


Literary consultants

For hire. Here is our selection of

Excellent haikus.   


Mindtribe engineers

Strategic thinkers, planners

Building less, faster


The Mindtribe Method

Engineer Creatively

and Take ownership


We make frequent course

corrections, Assemble a

complete product team


Focus the team on

the top priority first

and Build less faster


We leverage past

experience, Establish

clear product features


For great Quality

“You have to get into it”

Oh, Koala Tea


Error free design

Part verification, peer

Review, use past work


Use free pins to see

If bug is firmware, EE

LEDs blink hope


The board is released.

Time for a break, but also

time to prep your tests.


Move fast but keep track

Cause outside, boards look the same

Don’t let bugs bite twice!


ESD design

Elusive steak dinner for

Perfect PCB


The smell of solder

Sound of mechanical tools

Perfect Mindtribe day


Put in internet

sure we can do that–but please

can it be larger?


What’s here on the floor?

Under the desk to my right

A McMaster box


What’s here on the floor?

Under the desk to my left

A Digi-Key box


Gliding on one wheel

Electrical Engineer

Chasen is the best


Mechanical keys

Click clack click click clack click clack

Kerry types out loud


The honking of cars

The office susurrations

Here products are made


Loud jackhammering

My teeth clench, hands get sweaty

Sound of my nightmares


Breakfast burritos

Mmm, bacon and chorizo

Yum, a bit of sriracha


Funny gifs on TV

Strange violin guy outside

There’s no place like home


Haikus entered here

Each one Mindtribe inspired
Happy April fools!