Big Ideas

Mindtribe is Joining Forces with Accenture Industry X.0

For the last two decades, Mindtribe has been the engineering force behind some of the world’s most high-profile products, working with clients ranging from NASA to Google to Tesla.

We are excited to announce that we are joining forces with Accenture. Combining our hardware engineering and product development expertise with Accenture’s resources and ability to deliver end-to-end services will enable us to do more of what we do best: create, prototype, and launch exceptional hardware products and services to the world.

“Mindtribe has always sought to build new-to-the-world, innovative hardware,” said Mindtribe CEO, Steve Myers. “20 years after the foundation of Mindtribe, the most exciting part of our journey lies ahead, and we are looking forward to moving forward as part of the Accenture Industry X.0 team while maintaining the creative methods and culture that drive our success.”

Although this is a big step for us, our focus and goals are unchanged. We look forward to building more on our existing hardware development expertise, now backed by the size and reach of Accenture, and are excited about furthering our joint mission to create the products of the future.

To learn more about our new partnership with Accenture, visit Accenture’s Newsroom.