Electrical Engineering

  • Mixed signal, board-level design
  • Schematic capture and layout
  • Antenna design/tuning
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Mechanical Engineering

  • Mechanicals for design-driven consumer electronics
  • Rapid mechanism prototyping
  • Analysis: heat transfer, fluid flow, mechanical design
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Embedded Software Development

  • RTOS/baremetal device drivers and application firmware
  • Linux device drivers and application firmware
  • Secure firmware upgrade design/development
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Application Software Development

  • iOS/Android application development
  • iOS/Android hardware accessory integration
  • Back-end design/development
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Agile Project Management

  • System-level design and oversight
  • Quantified risk mitigation
  • Focus on the most important product features first
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Manufacturing Support

  • Early DFM and sourcing reviews with manufacturers
  • Assembly and fixturing design/development
  • ICT/FT design/development
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We leverage our library of existing designs to accelerate development.

Cellular Data Module

Our LTE solution includes sensor and data storage, covering a variety of use cases, from data-logging to phone calls.

Embedded Linux Platform

Our mobile iMX6 ARM A9 Linux development platform for wireless HD video capture, streaming, and processing.

Bluetooth Low Energy

Our plug-and-play solution for enabling Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) communications for connected devices.

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