Steve Myers
CEO & Founder

Steve founded Mindtribe in 1998, to seek a better way to build innovative hardware products. Since then, he’s led the creation of some of the world’s most successful hardware for Fortune 500 companies and startups alike. While doing so, he pioneered an agile approach that guides client decision-making and elevates product quality, business impact, and overall user experience.

Today, Steve leads Mindtribe and its 40-person engineering team, which offers a rare depth of technical expertise, creativity, and product management experience to every project. Steve regularly speaks about agile hardware development practices at Stanford’s School of Engineering and leads a series of discussion groups for the world’s leading hardware development practitioners.

Outside of his passion for product development, Steve restores and rallies vintage sports cars, rides his mountain bike (and mountain unicycle), and spends time with his two kids.

MS Mechanical Engineering – Stanford University  
BS Mechanical Engineering – Cal Poly San Luis Obispo 
First Job: Paperboy


Mark Olson
Vice President

A Vice President at Mindtribe, Mark has been at the forefront of cutting-edge product development for over 20 years, including pioneering versions of silicon microsensors, augmented reality glasses, and wearable computing.

Today, Mark leads many of Mindtribe’s client programs across consumer products, medical devices, and the Internet of Things. While he continues to have a hand in technical matters, Mark also leverages his deep experience in user research and user experience design to help clients create products that integrate design and technology. Looking to the future, Mark is especially interested in the explosion of connected devices and in emerging interfaces, including voice and image recognition.

On the weekends, Mark enjoys exploring California with his wife and three kids, and working on home improvement projects that are constantly “in progress.”

MS Mechanical Engineering – Stanford University
BS Mechanical Engineering – University of Minnesota
First Job: Digging trenches

Sam Kang
Vice President

As Vice President at Mindtribe, Sam leverages his engineering background and previous experience at Bain & Company to artfully connect business and technical strategy. With experience working on the original Tesla Roadster, Jawbone Bluetooth headset, and Flip cam, Sam leads our most technically challenging client programs and market-defining products.

Sam is an expert at taking products from early concept through manufacturing and effectively bringing them to market on time. He excels at turning theory into innovation; he used Maxwell’s equations to design one of the world’s smallest current transformers, and thermal modeling to design Tesla’s electronics cooling system. Sam is inspired by concepts that have a positive impact, such as medical devices and energy conservation, as well as technologies that shape our society’s future, like autonomous driving, augmented reality, and neural interfaces.

Outside of work, Sam spends time with his family, enjoys traveling, and reads about human behavior and cognition.

MBA – UCLA Anderson School of Management
MS Mechanical Engineering – Stanford University
BS Mechanical Engineering – Stanford University
First Job: Filing papers at a law firm

Greg Schulte
Director of Engineering

As Mindtribe’s Director of Engineering, Greg’s role is leading our mechanical and systems engineering teams, while also running outreach programs and internal initiatives. With a background in the medical device world, Greg is fascinated by dynamic challenges and solving the seemingly impossible.

Greg brings deep experience to Mindtribe, having co-founded several successful medical device startups, running his own engineering consulting practice, and working for some of the world’s largest medical device manufacturers. Previous projects include deep brain stimulation systems for Parkinson’s patients, as well as extremely complex surgical robots. He is excited about the prospects in healthcare IoT and the merging of life-changing medical devices with consumer-grade design and price points.

Outside of work, Greg loves cooking, spending time outdoors with his family, and combining these two activities whenever possible. He was also once a paid extra in a Keanu Reeves movie.

BS Mechanical Engineering – University of Michigan
First Job: Surgical intern where he helped amputate legs

Tom Hsiu
Director- Program Operations

As Director of Program Operations, Tom oversees and implements Mindtribe’s program management and development methodologies. A former startup founder, Tom is deeply familiar with creating a successful hardware-based business and offers expertise in bringing products to mass production.

With experience across a broad range of industries, some of Tom’s projects prior to joining Mindtribe include animatronics for the motion picture industry (for films such as Anaconda and Deep Blue Sea), educational robots for NASA and Carnegie Mellon, exhibit robots for science museums, such as the Exploratorium and the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum, and mass produced consumer electronics, such as a line of audio accessories for the iPod.

Now, with over 10 years at Mindtribe, Tom serves in an executive product management role across all client programs, ensuring that Mindtribe’s development processes serve client goals, are constantly being improved, and always meet the highest standard.

Tom spends his free time building motorized cupcake cars with his kids and tackling ill-advised home improvement projects. He is fond of solar-powered vehicles and pastrami sandwiches.

MS Mechanical Engineering – Stanford University
BS Mechanical Engineering and Product Design – Stanford University
First Job: A summer internship designing mainframe computer cabinets for NCR while battling his supervisor in Xtrek on Unix workstations (yep, he’s that old)

Alison Thurber
Engineering Manager

Alison is an Engineering Manager at Mindtribe with a background in electrical engineering and an expertise in the black magic of RF and the associated complexities stemming from space constraints. When it comes to RF, Alison has done it all; she's rapidly prototyped antenna designs, matched antennas, retrofitted radars, and taken low-power mobile devices from prototype to production.

As a manager, Alison is focused on finding and developing synergies—both within her teams and across the client programs she leads. She’s inspired by deep technical challenges and by products that impact people’s lives in a positive way, such as AliveCor’s mobile EKG device—a project that required an elegant solution without the need for microcontrollers.

When she’s not at work, Alison plays the bass and participates in canine agility competitions, where she’s fostered incredible synergies with her Standard Poodle to win blue ribbons.

MS Electrical Engineering – George Mason University
BS Electrical Engineering – George Mason University
First Job: Salesperson at Bath & Body Works (when she smelled liked candles 24/7)

Mike Ho
Engineering Manager

As an Engineering Manager, Mike helps to lead client projects and Mindtribe’s embedded software team. He has worked on code for everything from 8-bit micros to embedded Linux platforms to mobile apps. With a background in mechanical engineering and embedded systems, Mike uses a multi-discipline approach to pull together complex, integrated solutions.

Mike’s experience spans a wide range of industries, including consumer, medical, automotive, and industrial products. As firmware lead for Square’s mobile card reader, he wrote the majority of the code that runs on the device and supported the ramp to mass production. He is constantly awed and inspired by the growing power of embedded hardware and all the possibilities that emerge with these new advances.

Beyond his work at Mindtribe, Mike enjoys exploring strange new places and foods, both near and far from home.

MS Mechanical Engineering  – Stanford University
BS Mechanical Engineering – University of California, Berkeley
First Job: Working with flight simulations at Northrop Grumman

Sravan Mettupalli
Engineering Manager

Sravan is an Engineering Manager at Mindtribe, where he leads our software architecture and embedded systems efforts. His expertise is taking complex technical challenges and solving them in an elegant fashion—from the macro level (building a product, end-to-end, for a Fortune 500 company under tight time constraints), to the micro level (finding a new method for replacing multiple sub-parts with a single, custom programmable logic blocks).

Sravan also has experience with embedded Linux for IoT devices, working across a wide range of CPU architectures, and using next-generation SOCs to circumvent the need for MCUs and simplify the development process. He pushes client programs and his team to think critically about hardware development stacks and device architectures.

In his spare time, Sravan likes to ride his bike, across both roads and mountains. His favorite trip was biking through the Mekong Delta in Vietnam, traveling off the beaten path.

BS Computer Engineering – University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
First Job: High school data entry for a shipping and logistics company (where he broke their speed typing test)

Brian Cherbak
Senior Engineer

Brian is a Senior Engineer at Mindtribe with a focus on electrical engineering and high-touch prototyping. He thinks deeply about teamwork and EE processes, how to get a project from point A to point B, and predicting and circumventing potential failure points—from design all the way to component verification.

Over the course of his time at Mindtribe, Brian has worked on technically rigorous client programs and has developed internal platforms, including FLEA—Mindtribe’s next generation Bluetooth LE system used in a Fortune 50 hardware project. One of his favorite projects was a works-like prototype that involved retrofitting an existing product with a Bluetooth and iPhone app solution, both creating custom electrical systems and cannibalizing existing hardware.

Brian is passionate about working on things with wheels that move, including his 1970 Volkswagen van, which he drives to find local surf spots.

BS Electrical Engineering — Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology
First Job: Shoveling horse manure (every summer day of high school’s four years)

Charlie Ambler
Senior Engineer

As a Senior Engineer at Mindtribe, Charlie pulls from his experience with Frog Design, bringing digital prototypes into the physical world. Charlie’s background is in mechatronics, manufacturing, and designing products in the consumer, enterprise, and medical fields. In this capacity he’s spearheaded projects for companies such as Disney and LG.  

At Mindtribe, Charlie leads mechanical engineering, architecture optimization, CAD design, model building, prototype testing, and manufacturing across client programs. He particularly enjoys working on products with moving parts, as well as product surfacing and testing to explore the results and interactions of surrounding environments.

In his free time, Charlie brews his own beer, builds furniture and enjoys woodworking, and likes to hike and camp outdoors. One of his greatest accomplishments was building an autonomous submarine for his Master’s thesis at MIT.

BS Mechanical Engineering – Yale University
MS Mechanical Engineering – Massachusetts Institute of Technology
First Job: Camp counselor

Jason Gonzalez
Senior Engineer

As a Senior Engineer at Mindtribe with a focus on mechatronics, Jason enjoys taking back-of-the-napkin ideas to physical products. Although Jason graduated from Stanford with a BA and MA in mechanical engineering, he’s been tinkering since he was a kid, when he helped his uncle’s electronics assembly business.

Jason has worked with Fortune 500s and startups, honing his skills in rapid prototyping, taking products to manufacturing, and diving into adjacent engineering skill sets, like circuit design and programming. His previous work experience ranges from sensor design, to machining microfluidic devices, to making airplane wings out of fiberglass and carbon fiber. Jason holds a number of engineering patents related to surgical robotics and has published research in the field of microfluidics.

Outside of the mechanical lab, Jason enjoys hiking, working with ceramics, and going to every sporting event his wallet will allow. He hopes to start training for a pilot license soon.

MS Mechanical Engineering – Stanford University
BS Mechanical Engineering – Stanford University
First Job: Tinkering (helping at his uncle’s electronics assembly business)

Kerry Scharfglass
Senior Engineer

Kerry is a Senior Engineer at Mindtribe with expertise in software and firmware and experience across the engineering stack, from Unix and app development, to electrical and mechanical work. Prior to joining Mindtribe, Kerry worked at Amazon, where he wrote the software that powered the Amazon Echo. He enjoys opportunities which force him to move quickly and grow his skill set, especially when they mix disciplines.

A penchant for consumer electronics drives Kerry to think deeply about products, design, and the process of bringing them to life. He collects unusual and rare phones to find learning and inspiration from failed ideas, designs, and systems.

If Kerry is running late, look for him trying to fix just one more bug. You can also find him, headphones in, reading a sci-fi novel, taking candid photos of people on their way to work, or obsessing over which phone to take to work that day.

BS Computer Engineering – Cal Poly San Luis Obispo
First Job: Helping to teach a robotics class at NASA…while in high school

Kyle Tucker
Senior Engineer

A Senior Engineer at Mindtribe, Kyle has expertise in mechanical engineering, injection molding, and electrical integration. He comes from the fast-paced startup world and is no stranger to new challenges. While working at a hardware startup, Kyle took on many roles—from product design engineer, to industrial designer, to project manager.

During his time at Mindtribe, Kyle has worked on client programs across medical devices, consumer electronics, cameras, and robotics, just to name a few. He brings deep experience designing parts for injection molding, both simple and complex, and is excited about new technologies like laser direct structuring. Kyle puts in extra effort to help companies tightly define product needs and features in order to make sure they reach their project goals.

On the weekends, Kyle enjoys playing guitar, working on cars and motorcycles, and hiking and camping. He once learned how to weld so that he could built a custom bobber motorcycle.

BS Mechanical Engineering Technology – The University of North Carolina at Charlotte
First Job: Mowing lawns 

Robert Dowling
Senior Engineer

A Senior Engineer at Mindtribe with a focus on firmware, Robert sits at the intersection of software and hardware. He looks at the bigger picture and pushes client programs to adopt creative ideas that will make development easier, using tools, algorithms, and data. Robert is no stranger to agile methodologies and thrives on iterative, collaborative development and planning.

Robert’s previous work includes architecting embedded Linux solutions in the cost-conscious marketplace of high volume consumer electronics, DSP development tools, reconfigurable computing, and graphics acceleration. He also created a Toy of the Year—the Leapfrog Leapster learning game system—and built and sold millions of units.

Robert takes long walks with his family and thinks about the complex plane and how to teach it to his kids (or at least get them to juggle). He also likes to iterate on recipes, with whole wheat bread, breakfast foods, and chickpea curries in the current rotation.

BA Mathematics – University of California, Berkeley
First Job: Soldering as a lab tech 

Sami Shad
Senior Engineer

Sami is a Senior Engineer at Mindtribe with a skill set that spans integrated systems—from mechanical engineering to electrical to firmware. He applies his unique expertise to technical program work and the management and creation of agile processes. By leveraging local vendors and setting goals to create prototypes in record time frames, Sami has been instrumental in accelerating Mindtribe’s mechanical engineering operations.

Sami enjoys taking on interdisciplinary projects that present varied obstacles and a thoughtful approach. With formal mechatronics training, he pulls from experience with electronics and firmware to build out features—even designing PCBs—that bring designs into reality and create proofs of concept.

Outside of work, Sami enjoys reading, playing cricket, hiking, and looking at the world through a viewfinder. He also recently took up bouldering, which satisfies his constant interest in challenging himself and working through new problems.

MS Mechanical Engineering – Stanford University
BS Mechanical Engineering – Stanford University
First Job: Interning at a local eye hospital

Timothy Van Ruitenbeek
Senior Engineer

Timothy is a Senior Engineer with a foundation in every one of Mindtribe’s engineering disciplines. He’s able to design electrical systems, mechanical systems, and software, and find optimal solutions for how hardware and firmware should interact.  

Timothy thrives on technically challenging projects and recently built and tuned a firmware phase-locked loop for the BeagleBone’s programmable real-time unit, diving into the assembly code to make it run at a faster frequency. He also reverse-engineered the iPad’s touchscreen scan pattern, using both time-division multiplexing and wave superposition. This proved useful in evaluating and improving the performance of several potential active stylus tip designs.

Outside of work, Timothy is an avid Formula 1 and sim-racing fan. He often stays up late perfecting his home workstation and racing lines, growing vegetables on his balcony, or playing with his cats. His next project is building a fan controller for his computer.

MS Electrical Engineering – University of Texas at Austin
BS Mechanical Engineering – University of Texas at Austin
First Job: Shoe salesman at a department store 

Andrew Kriebel

Andrew is on the mechanical engineering team at Mindtribe and has a background that spans both mechanical engineering and product design. He is passionate about developing products that enrich lives and excite users, and he has a penchant for enhancing product development processes. He enjoys taking a wide view that encompasses engineering, design, and impact, while diving into design methodologies, cradle-to-cradle sustainability, generative design, and digital fabrication.

Before arriving at Mindtribe, Andrew was at MIT where he taught and studied product design, researched design methodologies, and spent most of his time in the prototyping labs working on personal projects that explore future technology interactions. One of his favorite personal projects was building a pair of Internet-connected pen-plotters for an art exhibit.

With any spare time, you can find Andrew backpacking through the woods, fly fishing in a mountain stream, tinkering with gadgets, or building something in the shop.

MS Mechanical Engineering – Massachusetts Institute of Technology
BS Mechanical Engineering – Pennsylvania State University
First Job: High school intern at a Johns Hopkins physics lab

Ben Ridder

Ben is an Engineer at Mindtribe with expertise in firmware and embedded software systems, microcontrollers, building infrastructure and systems, and low-level design. Ben is deeply passionate about test-driven development and creating the automated developer tools needed to build, run tests, and create the best possible end product.

Ben loves shipping products and seeing things that he’s worked on in the wild. His favorite example is his work on the now-ubiquitous Square payment peripherals, where he helped to develop, test, and iterate. Looking into the future, he’s excited about the performance of microcontrollers and the potential for new features in even smaller devices.

When he’s not hard at work, Ben plays his bass guitar, is an avid video game player, and likes projects that involve tinkering and building things.

BASc Computer Engineering – University of Waterloo (Honors)
First Job: Fast food burger joint 

Freddie Temperton

Freddie is a member of Mindtribe’s electrical engineering team. With experience running a hardware company of his own that shipped products to over 15 countries, he is intimately familiar with the process of conceiving, designing, engineering, and manufacturing new products. Freddie’s most successful product is OSCAR—an adapter to create a small, high-resolution external display.

Outside of an affinity for consumer hardware, Freddie has worked on projects across a wide range of fields, from aerospace communications to test equipment, and also has the distinction of designing the electronics behind an animatronic dress for Cirque de Soleil’s Luzia, which is now seen around the world. At Mindtribe, he has updated the architecture of our BLE platform, built non-form factor working prototypes in just two weeks, and designed full electrical systems from schematic to board bring-up.

Outside of work, Freddie can be found prototyping hardware for his latest mad invention, experimenting with cooking and baking, exploring California, or setting up fireworks shows.

MEng Electronic Engineering – University of Southampton, UK
First Job: Computer repair technician

Michael Choi

Mike is an Engineer at Mindtribe with an expertise in mechanical engineering and a deep understanding of the need to articulate design through prototyping—whether that’s discovering new ways to add extra polish to a 3D printed model or streamlining the rapid prototyping process. He offers a formidable arsenal of prototyping techniques and is never far from a machine shop or workbench when tackling the toughest mechanical design challenges.

Before joining Mindtribe, Michael fixed (and broke) giant cockroach robots at the GRASP Laboratory at UPenn and invented toys at IDEO. At Mindtribe, he has taken products from pre-concept all the way to manufacturing, broadening his skills in the process to include interaction design, injection molding, and electronics.

Michael spends his free time crafting meticulous bento boxes each morning, modifying gaming consoles, appreciating Japanese Jazz Fusion, and finding new prototyping hacks to make life easier.

BS Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics – University of Pennsylvania
First Job: Street performer playing video game tunes on the pianica in Little Tokyo

Michelle Warner

Michelle is an Engineer at Mindtribe with expertise in mechatronics, soft goods, and injection molding. From a young age, Michelle wanted to be an “inventor” and gets to live that dream every day, turning client concepts into reality.

Michelle started her career at Radio Flyer—the red wagon company—where she designed a folding wagon and patented the wagon canopy. Since then, Michelle has developed experience in taking products from concept through production, and has traveled to Asia multiple times to oversee manufacturing operations for clients such as Adobe. Although Michelle has worked across the mechanical engineering landscape, her expertise in soft goods is unparalleled; if it can be sewn, Michelle can work with it to create something incredible.

In fact, in her spare time, Michelle designed and built a series of light-up dresses with embedded RGB LEDs and sensors that interact with music and the wearer’s movement. She’s also designing a line of fashionable clothes for the chronically cold professional.

MS Mechanical Engineering – Stanford University
BS Mechanical Engineering – Stanford University
First Job: Soccer referee

Monica Caravias

As a part of Mindtribe’s mechanical engineering team, Monica focuses on early stage product development, as well as manufacturing and its constraints. She has a passion for working with her hands and transforming abstract concepts into physical products, and her expertise is in determining the feasibility of taking small-scale prototypes and designs to mass production.

At Mindtribe, Monica has overseen DFM of complex overmolds, designed surfacing for products under challenging ID requirements, and rapidly prototyped and tested products for Fortune 500 clients. Previously, Monica worked as a teaching assistant at Stanford’s engineering machine shop, where she spent countless hours designing and building projects as diverse as a steel road bike frame to a cantilevered armchair.

When Monica isn’t at work, she’s probably trying to build unnecessary apartment decor. She also enjoys running, sci-fi, and shopping for houseplants to replace the ones she’s probably in the process of killing.

MS Mechanical Engineering—Stanford University
BS Mechanical Engineering—Stanford University
First Job: Lifeguard

Patrick McCabe

Patrick is on Mindtribe’s electrical engineering team and brings expertise in embedded systems to client programs. While he is formally educated in electrical engineering and computer science, Patrick also has a passion for rapidly prototyping mechanical systems.

Before joining the team at Mindtribe, Patrick designed a ground support system for the post-landing operations of the Falcon 9 rocket at SpaceX. While at Mindtribe, he’s developed system tests to root cause product issues; he developed CARL—Mindtribe’s internal processing platform and a complex system with tight design constraints; and he’s designed board layouts with challenging high-speed signals and high-density routing.

When he isn’t designing products, you can find Patrick enjoying a moment of Zen in the park or learning to play his guitar.

BS Electrical Engineering and Computer Science – Massachusetts Institute of Technology
First Job: At a plant nursery in Florida

Sam Evans

Sam is an Engineer with an expertise that spans the electrical engineering spectrum. From electrical architecture to schematics, and PCB design to production, Sam is a true full-stack EE. At Mindtribe, he drives the development and implementation of our team’s internal projects and initiatives, including component management, EE team workflows, and processes.

Sam started his career in the biomedical field, working for one of the world’s largest life science and clinical diagnostic corporations. He was a hardware designer for next-generation Droplet Digital Polymerase Chain Reaction (ddPCR) instruments. In a fast-paced R&D environment, Sam designed, tested, and implemented printed circuit boards.

In his free time, Sam enjoys exploring the outdoors, including hiking, biking, and camping. He loves spending time with his wife and newborn and playing card and board games.

BS Electrical Engineering – Loyola Marymount University
First Job: Doorknob salesman

Yoo-Yoo Yeh

Yoo-Yoo is an Engineer at Mindtribe with a focus on electrical engineering and with extensive expertise in WiFi and Bluetooth. Over the course of her career and within Mindtribe client programs, Yoo-Yoo has worked across firmware, software, data analysis, and mechanical design.

Prior to working at Mindtribe, Yoo-Yoo assembled, instrumented, and wrote software for UAVs, rovers, and a mid-sized solar array for controls research at NASA Ames/Carnegie Mellon Silicon Valley. She also worked in musical interface design through the CCRMA program at Stanford University.

At Mindtribe, she’s developed an expertise for building out complex PCBs and shepherding products through the crucial integration phase, as well as through manufacturing, where she has experience designing test fixtures and supporting assembly line bring-up in China and the Philippines.

Outside of electronics, Yoo-Yoo enjoys volunteering in the community, flying kites, reading history, and writing music.

MS Electrical Engineering – Stanford University
BS Electrical Engineering – Stanford University
First Job: Summer camp counselor for foster children

Amy Loomis
Associate Engineer

As a part of the mechanical engineering team at Mindtribe, Amy brings her background in rapid prototyping to develop products designed to enhance the human experience. She has developed an expertise for the early R&D product phases, where she enjoys testing and pushing the limits of current technologies to bring products from abstraction to reality.

Prior to joining Mindtribe, Amy worked across a number of high-fidelity projects, where her engineering recommendations prepared products for manufacturing, saved lives in developing countries, and enhanced the overall human experience.

When she’s not developing new products, she enjoys working on her passion project: building a custom sewing machine with homemade 3D printed parts. She also enjoys aimlessly sketching or reading books outside, and thinking of ways to optimize her own human experience with digital fabrication tools.

MS Mechanical Engineering – Massachusetts Institute of Technology
BS Mechanical Engineering – Worcester Polytechnic Institute
First Job: Scooping ice cream at her local ice cream parlor

Brett Glasner
Associate Engineer

As a part of Mindtribe’s firmware team, Brett has significant experience working with embedded systems and microcontrollers. He enjoys taking on tough technical challenges spanning mechatronics and embedded software.

At Mindtribe, Brett uses his experience to support client programs and drive internal initiatives. Extremely curious by nature, Brett is excited to work on ground-breaking products that incorporate advanced control systems and robotics.

Outside of work, Brett enjoys cooking, reading, and playing video games.

MS Mechanical Engineering – Stanford University
BS Mechanical Engineering – University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
First Job: Parking lot attendant at a music venue

Ethan Chiou
Associate Engineer

As a part of Mindtribe’s firmware team, Ethan has a background in electrical engineering and computer science. He enjoys working across disciplines and teams to learn as quickly as possible and has experience across the spectrum of product development—from electrical components to embedded software and firmware, to rapid prototyping.

At Mindtribe, Ethan has explored the limits of Bluetooth mesh devices, programming up to 60 units at a time, and has leveraged his firmware expertise to test UX prototypes and experiments. He often pulls from his engineering research experience, where he explored interactive device design processes, cutting-edge hardware and software tools for rapid prototyping, and how to think critically about product design. Extremely curious by nature, Ethan is passionate about working on products with varied challenges.

Outside of work, Ethan likes to make and drink coffee, play board games, and go camping. He recently took up bouldering and climbing, inspired by a 30-day trip across the West’s national parks.

BS Electrical Engineering and Computer Science – University of California, Berkeley
First Job: Engineering researcher

Amy Kwan
Senior Engineering Program Manager

As an Engineering Program Manager, Amy supports client programs and internal project teams. With a background in mechanical engineering and business, Amy is able to leverage both disciplines to ensure successful product delivery.

At Mindtribe, Amy has worked on several large client programs; working to understand client and user needs to help bring products to life. Prior to Mindtribe, Amy was a mechanical engineer for an aerospace & defense company, where she helped deliver flight hardware. Over time, she became involved with R&D management and became passionate about encouraging intrapreneurship. After almost a decade in aerospace & defense, Amy began broadening her experience in industries such as edtech, wearable tech, health SaaS, and e-commerce. With her hybrid background, she was able to work with various early-stage tech startups on their business and product strategies.

In her spare time, Amy enjoys trying new recipes, hiking, and getting lost in new cities.

MBA – Columbia Business School
MS Mechanical Engineering – Stanford University
BS Mechanical Engineering – UCLA
First Job: Salesperson at Gap

Rosemary Chang
Senior Engineering Program Manager

As an Engineering Program Manager, Rosemary supports the management of client programs and internal project teams. Leveraging her technical and business background, she partners with clients to ensure timely delivery and high-value product development for every engagement. She’s also worked on a range of products at Mindtribe, from medical wearables, to drone defense, to portable ultrasounds.

Rosemary has over 10 years of experience in successfully delivering high volume consumer electronics for Fortune 500 companies, primarily in the mobile space. Prior to joining Mindtribe, she held roles in product management and product development, which gives her a comprehensive perspective on bringing a product to market—including areas such as early product strategy, user research, detailed engineering, mass production, and retail launch. She has a passion for user-centric consumer products and enjoys seeing them come to life.

Outside of working on client programs, Rosemary enjoys traveling to see new places, snowboarding, scuba diving and swing dancing.

MBA – UCLA Anderson School of Management
BS Mechanical Engineering – University of California, San Diego
First Job: Whipping up smoothies at Jamba Juice

Andrew Berberick
Engineering Program Manager

As an Engineering Program Manager, Andrew represents the client voice on projects, refines business-product alignment, and ensures the team is executing on the product vision. He leverages his background as a mechanical and firmware engineer to act as a conduit between the client and Mindtribe’s engineering teams to build integrated development timelines.

Prior to joining Mindtribe, Andrew worked at a connected smart lock company before joining Google as a product design engineer. At Mindtribe, he has shipped a half-dozen products across a number of industries and led market-defining hardware companies in their efforts across cloud, mobile, UX, and firmware development. Andrew has also built machine learning libraries to analyze complex gesture recognition for interactive textiles and worked with alternative materials to minimize the environmental footprint of smartphones.

When he’s not shepherding client projects, Andrew embarks on global adventures, from climbing mountains to months-long road trips through Africa. He also enjoys composing and performing music, running, and backpacking.

MS Mechanical Engineering – Stanford University
BS Biomechanical Engineering – Stanford University
First Job: Washing dishes in a kitchen

Ryan Vanderpol
Prototype Engineer

Ryan is Mindtribe's Prototype Engineer and offers a track record of turning ideas into prototypes in only a few short hours. Whether it's an innovative shoebox-sized cooling system powered by dry ice, an IoT-connected swimming pool monitor, or a headrest for a robotic optometrist, Ryan can take a rough idea, envision its design, and then execute fabrication with remarkable speed and creativity.

A self-taught machinist and moldmaker, Ryan honed his skills in a medical device startup lab where he built bronchoscope prototypes. Later, while launching his own hardware business, Ryan was indoctrinated into a scrappy mindset of building MVPs as fast and inexpensively as possible. Ryan understands which process to leverage across the product development cycle: some ideas should be machined out of 6061 while others should be cut out of cardboard with a utility knife. Ryan’s broad experience helps guide both clients and other Mindtribers through the prototype decision making process.

When not at work, Ryan is often building things like a homemade transmogrifier, searching for the Kwisatz Haderach, and proving the Riemann Hypothesis. He also enjoys backyard grilling with his wife and sipping craft beer by Lake Merritt.

BA Applied Mathematics – University of California, Berkeley
First Job: Mowing lawns

Joe O'Brien
Project Analyst

As an analyst at Mindtribe, Joe works closely with project managers and executives to plan and develop methods for forecasting, budgeting, data collection, and statistical analysis. He is skilled at leading presentations and supplying reliable, easy to digest data that gives management teams the tools they need to make informed decisions.

Joe focuses on analyzing project work at Mindtribe and ensuring there is continuous process improvement. He assists project leaders with project structure and logistics, including tracking budget and expenses, scheduling team and client feedback sessions, and supporting ad-hoc efforts across multiple projects. He also provides clear and accurate visibility into the financial performance of Mindtribe’s numerous projects.

Outside of work, Joe enjoys delving into sports analytics, hiking, biking, going to the park or beach, and trying to soak up as much sun as his Irish skin will allow. In high school, Joe and his entrepreneurial spirit founded a profitable diving business cleaning boats in Morro Bay harbor, aptly named Joe Below.

BA Economics and Mathematics – University of California, Santa Barbara 
First Job: Running Joe Below, his diving business in Morro Bay 

Ashley Burrow
Operations Manager

Ashley is Operations Manager at Mindtribe, where she wears many hats and leads all internal company processes and critical organizational needs. Combining her experience and insights with a holistic view across all of Mindtribe, Ashley’s work serves as the backbone of our healthy, growing, and highly functional team.

From HR-oriented functions like recruiting, onboarding, and training, to infrastructure needs like finance and IT, Ashley designs, leads, and manages the systems needed to deliver results for our clients. She also built-out Mindtribe’s business development and marketing frameworks, helping to manage both organizational growth and brand development—tripling the firm’s headcount during her tenure.

Ashley is a trained pastry chef, avid lego-builder, puzzle completer, and world traveler. Outside of work she can be found creating ceramics, at the gym, or prepping meals for the week ahead.

BA Psychology – San Francisco State University
First Job: Hospital volunteer

Brittany Morrell
Marketing Communications Coordinator

With a background in marketing and communications, Brittany brings a dynamic perspective to Mindtribe. She manages and amplifies Mindtribe’s marketing content and collateral, owning all aspects of our digital brand and covering the breadth and depth of the team’s technical work to highlight our most compelling and impactful product development stories.

Brittany also manages our partner networks—from VCs to design firms—as well as the logistics for community events, such as the Women in Hardware meetup and Mindtribe’s series of product leader dinners. She engages with our clients on an ongoing basis to produce content that shares best practices and development lessons with the industry as a whole. With previous experience working for both small startups and major firms, Brittany provides technical and creative support to our clients and executives.

Outside of the office, Brittany dedicates her time to coaching girls basketball, running half marathons, and exploring new scenic locations.

BA Communications – California State University, East Bay
First Job: Working at a childcare center

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