Adobe Ink & Slide

Adobe Ink & Slide

As the longtime leader in software for creative design and document management, Adobe sought to redefine the simple activity of sketching in the new digital age. The company’s experienced design team realized that great software and the right drawing tools could bring back the familiar experience of drawing with pen and paper.

Existing stylus or pen products weren’t delivering the control of physical drawing, or reaching the potential of digital drawing. To make this product vision not only a reality but also a success, Adobe handpicked Mindtribe to explore, develop and optimize the experience of a connected pen for tablets.

Early prototypes of the Adobe Ink stylus
Early prototypes of the Adobe Slide ruler

A new partnership of hardware and software was crucial to the success of this effort. Thus Adobe, historically a software company, leaned on Mindtribe’s expertise in developing consumer hardware to provide the perspective needed to evaluate technical risk and potential business cases.

Mindtribe provided a fully developed product plan, an encompassing product vision, partner assessment and selection, and use case development. Multiple rounds of functional prototypes and user testing led to the rapid development of the Ink concept and the definition of its core features.

Finally, Mindtribe ensured that the leadership at Adobe was aligned, collaborating with Adobe’s executives to ensure that the product was properly placed within Adobe’s product suite and would be effectively positioned as a much-improved experience for today’s digitally-savvy and on-the-go design and creative professionals.

Mindtribe freed me to focus on Adobe's core competencies such as delivering excellent user experiences and winning business strategy, while they took responsibility for product development...

— Geoff Dowd, Director of Experience Design

The results demonstrate Adobe’s commitment to bringing cutting edge technology to the creative process. The Ink stylus with pressure sensitive point technology works on the iPad and amplifies even the simple act of drawing. With a finer tip compared to other styli, the device enables more intuitive and detailed sketching. The Ink easily pairs with a tablet, allowing the artist to use any supported apps as well as the ability to set down and pick up projects without loss of connection. Debuted during the Keynote Presentation at Adobe’s MAX 2013, it received 99% positive Twitter feedback response and was released in June 2014.






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