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According to the American Cancer Society, lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer deaths worldwide. Symptoms often don’t appear until the disease has advanced, and early diagnosis is difficult. Despite the introduction of new technologies and minimally invasive techniques, physicians are still required to manage trade-offs when diagnosing this disease, often sacrificing healthy tissue or performing multiple operations to reach a diagnosis. Auris Health recognized that they could address this problem by leveraging the power of flexible robotics to transform endoscopic procedures, leading to early detection and treatment of lung cancer and, ultimately, saving lives. Auris developed the Monarch Platform, a revolutionary robotically-assisted surgical system that enables physicians to perform minimally invasive procedures with precision and consistency.

Auris partnered with Mindtribe to design and engineer the handheld controller used to drive the robotic endoscope.

The Work

Priorities for the project included creating an instinctive user interface for the surgeon to navigate the lung, extensibility and versatility to handle different surgical situations and procedures, and product safety and reliability. Starting with early usability prototypes to ensure that surgeons found the controls responsive and natural, Mindtribe drove mechanical, electrical, and software engineering for the controller into manufacturing and extensive verification testing.

Notable technical challenges included making the controller robust to the aggressive cleaning processes used in the operating room, developing redundant systems to indicate if a component may be broken, and advanced communication protocols to insure responsive robot performance. Close collaboration with Auris’ robotics engineers, the industrial design partner, and surgeons insured a system that was ergonomic, intuitive and precise.

The Outcome

The Monarch Platform received FDA clearance early in 2018, and is in use in hospitals.




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