Boosted is ushering in a new era of mobility with powerful, lightweight electric longboards that offer a fun and enjoyable alternative for the last mile commuter. Designed for urban environments, every board is equipped with an ergonomic and Bluetooth enabled handheld remote that controls speed with comfort and ease.

Boosted wanted to extend their successful ride by releasing new, breakthrough products, including a shorter, more rigid deck reminiscent of the 80’s classic pool decks.

A few months prior to production, Boosted needed a partner that could work quickly to bring their new concept to life. For this project, Mindtribe offered its mechanical expertise to design and develop the custom deck and motor driver enclosure for Boosted’s new Mini series.

The Work

Boosted’s new mini boards were designed to be 8” shorter than the existing Boosted boards and were meant to be used in a more dynamic way. The inclusion of a kicktail and wider concave deck offers more maneuverability, giving riders additional turning leverage on city streets.

Mindtribe was asked to construct a mechanical housing that would fit the electronics and cabling without compromising the board’s design and usability. The team prototyped and tested several mechanical housing options, and worked with Boosted to design a thermal strategy for the integrated electronics. This accelerated development effort required tight integration with Boosted, including a feedback loop that enabled the team to incorporate new learnings quickly and minimize time to market. As Boosted ramped up overseas production, Mindtribe was on site to troubleshoot builds, design testing fixtures, and support the overall manufacturing process.

The Outcome

Boosted launched their new Mini X and Mini S boards in May 2018, successfully furthering their mission to make urban transportation faster, easier, and way more fun.






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