Ember founder Clay Alexander recognized that even the perfect cup of coffee was far less enjoyable when it was too hot or too cold, and that temperature is an unaddressed factor in the pleasure of many foods and beverages. Ember’s flagship product, the Ember Mug, can rapidly cool or heat beverages to maintain the perfect temperature for an entire day. Mindtribe was Ember’s R&D partner to make this vision a reality.

Ember Technical Call Outs

Mindtribe started by researching and prototyping, to develop a heating and cooling system that could pull extra heat out of too-hot coffee, but keep the heat in when the coffee was perfect. Iterative experiments with phase change materials, double-wall steel mugs, and smart controls resulted in a basic working prototype within a month.

A few weeks later, the mug was ready for user testing, with custom mechanical parts, heat control electronics, Bluetooth connectivity, and an iPhone app for adjusting temperature. Feedback from Ember and users gave the team clear goals, and close collaboration with Ember and the ID firm Ammunition Group allowed Mindtribe to integrate the mechanical and electronics design with the sleek industrial design.

You guys were instrumental in pulling 
this whole thing off!

— Clay Alexander, CEO & Founder

Mindtribe created innovative solutions to tough technical challenges and accelerated development of the Mug. Ember started production in 2016 and launched with a major retail agreement with Starbucks. They also raised $8.5 million in venture capital, and are on a mission to revolutionize the way the world eats and drinks.






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