Ferrari Status

Ferrari Status

With roots in the racing world, Ferrari has long been synonymous with high performance and luxury. While nearly a century of innovation powered the technology under the hood, driver expectations around infotainment functionality and user interface meant Ferrari would need to proactively advance their interfaces to deliver a best-in-class experience consistent with user expectations. By maintaining the luxury expected of the Ferrari brand while also keeping within technical constraints, Ferrari wanted to modernize the experience while also deepening the connection between the car and the owner.


Mindtribe had worked with Apple on similar systems for other manufacturers, so when Ferrari approached Apple with their challenge, Apple said they only trusted one partner to deliver on Ferrari’s expectations—Mindtribe. Given the heavy design component to the project, Mindtribe brought in design partner Ammunition to bring world-class design to the project.

With Mindtribe leading the project and defining possible technology solutions, the team brainstormed a multitude of possibilities for providing the experience Ferrari wanted to deliver for discerning drivers. Narrowing down the realm of possibilities to simple, need-based scenarios, Mindtribe leveraged existing experience to quickly focus on what solutions were possible and would generate the greatest value for users.

Selecting a concept around vehicle readiness—specifically enabling owners to quickly see if their occasionally-driven vehicle is ready for a drive at a glance—required a system to monitor tire pressure, services required, and general maintenance. Using an iPhone app, the driver could be given a “green light” to drive the car, or advance notice of any vehicle service needs.


For a brand that has maintained connection to its rich history and strong racing legacy, Ferrari has also shown a commitment to innovation via upgrades to the in-car technology experience. With the help of Mindtribe, Ferrari has demonstrated its “drive” to providing only the best to its customers, which has kept Ferrari front-of-mind as an innovator while staying true to the hearts of passionate fans across the globe.






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