Lyft Glowstache

Lyft Glowstache

Lyft Technical Call Outs

Lyft, a ride sharing company operating throughout the United States, is well known for its fun culture and the iconic fuzzy pink mustaches affixed to the outside of its cars. While initially an eye-catching feature of the brand, the fuzzy mustaches were hard to keep clean and were difficult to see at night—the most popular time for a Lyft ride. Needing an updated and more functional representation of its brand, Lyft came to Mindtribe for a redesign of their signature car ‘staches, and a need to get it done in half the normal time.


Partnering from the outset with the industrial designers at Ammunition Group, Mindtribe served as the engineering and hardware development masterminds on the project. With ridership growing over 400% per year in a hotly competitive space, Lyft wanted to deliver the Glowstache to drivers as soon as possible. From the concept stage through production, the Mindtribe team relied on rapid prototype iterations to carefully balance aesthetic, safety, regulatory, and functional requirements. As the design took shape, Mindtribe began preparing for mass production. Two-thirds of the potential contract manufacturers could not meet the timeline and would not bid the project. Ultimately, Mindtribe managed a mix of local and overseas factories to achieve both the speed and quality requirements for the Glowstache.

Lyft Glowstache tooling
Lyft Glowstache units

Despite a tight timeline, Mindtribe and Ammunition Group effectively collaborated to deliver a beautiful, evenly illuminated Glowstache. Mounted on the dashboard of Lyft vehicles using a detachable magnetic base, the glowing ‘stache is easily seen by passengers and is a fresher, more updated symbol of the still fun but now more refined Lyft brand. The product far exceeded even the high expectations of the Lyft team and units were released in a few short months to the delight of passengers and drivers alike.


Mindtribe was a world-class partner as we created the Glowstache. They are a trusted partner who I would collaborate with in the future.

— Ethan Eyler, Head of Ride Experience






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