Scoot Networks

Scoot Networks

Commuters are increasingly seeking alternative transportation options as city streets grow more congested and concerns around vehicle emissions mount. Scoot Networks, a shared electric vehicle company, looks to address these issues by offering affordable and easily accessible electric vehicles to the masses. The Scoot service is powered by a mobile app that lets users search, book, and unlock electric scooters on demand. After successfully launching over 700 scooters in San Francisco, Scoot’s next milestone was to bring electric scooters and bicycles to the streets of Barcelona, Spain.

In order to deliver on this electric vision, Scoot turned to Mindtribe to develop the company’s first e-bike.

The Work

With two months until launch, Scoot relied on Mindtribe’s multi-disciplinary expertise to accelerate the development of the bike’s electrical design and mounting system.

Mindtribe’s first task was to design the bike’s custom electronics, which included GPS, cellular, and BTLE sensors. Mindtribe was also asked to evaluate and select the antennas that would be used to accurately track the e-bikes. After designing and testing the electronics, the team began developing the mechanical enclosure and mounting system. Mindtribe prototyped several mounting options, attached them to bicycles, and rode through city streets before finalizing a design that was both functional and met Scoot’s requirements. As Scoot ramped up production of the e-bike, Mindtribe designed the reliability tests for the electrical system and supported the overseas manufacturing process to ensure the final product met Scoot’s desired vision.

The outcome

Scoot’s electric bikes and scooters successfully launched in Barcelona, deploying over 1000 bikes at launch.




Scoot Networks


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