Square Reader

Square Reader

Square set out to revolutionize the payments world. Starting with a simple idea—that everyone should be able to accept credit cards—they sought to empower merchants and simplify the selling process by enabling anyone to accept credit card payments on their mobile devices. To make this vision a reality, Square approached Mindtribe for the design of a small, portable credit card reader to pair with a mobile device.

Square Reader Technical Call Outs

Mindtribe supported development of a range of credit card readers designed to interface with the standard audio jack on any smartphone. The most important feature as well as greatest challenge was the swipe performance. The team iterated fanatically to ensure high performance, making frequent course corrections and continuously redirecting the team to focus on the most important outcomes. With both the original Square Reader as well as the thinner updated version, Mindtribe created a reader that is only one inch tall in size and plugs into the standard jack of any iPhone, iPad and Android device.

Mindtribe was an essential partner in designing and fabricating three versions of our test board, multiple versions of the FPC, and stations to parallelize user testing, all while writing thousands of lines of code to automate testing.

— Kartik Lamba, Senior Electrical Design Engineer

The proliferation of Square Readers, from established merchants to small businesses such as food trucks and farmers market vendors, is a testament to the convenience and utility of the device. Compatible with any mobile device, the Square Reader empowers business of all sizes by placing the ability to accept credit card payment, and therefore quickly transact with customers, literally right in the palm of each merchant’s hands.






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