Square Stand

Square Stand

Expanding on the goal to enable any merchant to accept credit cards, Square sought to provide a durable but simple register alternative for high-volume small businesses. The register would enable small businesses the means to effectively run their daily operations while allowing for the flexibility, both physically as well as operationally, needed by a fluid and growing enterprise.


With a clear vision in mind, Square and Mindtribe’s hardware development teams joined forces to overcome the classic design dilemma: how to make a durable and complex product appear beautifully clean and incredibly simple.

Undaunted by the challenge, Mindtribe focused on determining the most vital features, the most valuable functionality needed by merchants. For example, instead of the original plan to create a custom cash drawer for the Stand, the Mindtribe team determined that it was better to offer compatibility with a range of existing cash drawers. This gave end users more flexibility and allowed the design team to put more focus on the Stand itself.

The establishment of clear product priorities created focus, improved the product, and minimized product development time. Continuous iteration and prototype testing ensured that the end product would be not only powerful and easy to use, but also distinctively beautiful.

Without Mindtribe's engineering support it would have taken much longer for us to get to a production-ready build.

— Kartik Lamba, Senior Electrical Design Engineer

With a minimalist design that easily connects with an iPad and swivels to maximize ease of use for both the merchant and the customer, the Square Stand is everything that a traditional register is not.

The stand is strong and secure and allows merchants to swipe any major credit card via the integrated card reader. The Square Stand seamlessly integrates with all complementary hardware, including cash drawers, receipt printers, and barcode scanners right out of the box. Its introduction completes Square’s Register service, a suite of business tools to help merchants run every part of their daily operations.






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